Craigdarroch Castle

Craigdarroch Castle

Built for Robert and Joan Dunsmuir, does not offer ghost tours, but is open daily for regular visits. It was the setting for the movie Spooky House.

No seating and 87 steps to climb, but tickets sell fast.
To reserve yours, call Craigdarroch Castle at (250) 592-5323.

9 thoughts on “Craigdarroch Castle

  1. I was recently at Craigdarroch castle and had no idea it was haunted. However, when I looked through my photos I couldn’t help but remark on the numerous orbs that I photographed. I am talking about an uncanny number. It was this that prompted me to research the castle to see if it is haunted. Alas, it looks like it is. Have you had this same experience?? I’d be curious to know.

  2. This place is certainly haunted. I don’t know if anybody has attempted to contact craigdarroch staff for an investigation but there is a feeling I can’t shake off in some areas of the castle (I’m interested in your own comments to see if we share it).

    I spoke to someone about six years ago who lives in ontario now, she said that she saw a ghost standing inside of the dining room and so did her son. She didn’t say what it looked like or elaborate, she was almost kind of cautious about describing it.

    I’ve also heard from a staff member who wouldn’t say it was haunted, but says the staff do not go to certain areas of the castle alone at night, which is practical but in some cases could be a red flag. Why do they eschew certain areas?

  3. i have experienced strange sounds while in the castle before. i was upstairs with my classmate at the time, the rest of the tour had gone downstairs and we knew that we were the only ones on the floor because the tour guide had mentioned earlier that it was just that guide and our class left on the floor.
    my classmate and i heard footsteps walking up behind us(the stairs were in front of us), we turned around and there was no one there. these were not creaks in the floor, they were very clearly foot steps. just a little something that has stuck in my mind all these years.

  4. One day while visiting the castle. I leaned in over the the gated area in Mrs. Joan Dunsmuir private sitting room, to get a better look. I never saw anything, but I felt very cold and a feeling that I was not welcomed, in such a way, I jumped back. It was a very strange feeling. Any others that have felt this?

  5. Our take on most orbs is basically dust, we have investigated a few dusty locations as well as done some tests with duvet’s where out VIPS pets sleep and have created many types of orb effects on night vision camera’s.

    We are rarely surprised by orbs but light trails are somewhat of a mystery..

  6. Bonjoure, Je n’ai jamais été sur ce site mais j’ai besoin maintenant, si son hantée ou non la cause im faire un papier et si quelqu’un peut me donner des informations s’il vous plaît ne

  7. I’ve been to the castle a number of times but the room that always made me feel watched, or that I’m not alone, is the ballroom. I tended to pass through there rather quickly, though in the last two visits many years ago, I stayed, stood there and, being on my own at the time, asked if anyone was with me. The only thing that really happened then was this insistent feeling to look at the piano. I did, and it drew me over, I sat down and then I just felt calmed and even tapped a few keys of a song I knew, ‘in the mood’ and I felt like the room was filled with laughter. Not sure if that makes sense but the mood(pardon the pun) was more then lifted out of the foreboding feeling that I used to get in that room. I would love to go back though, it’s been several years. Oh and one of the servant staircases always made me feel uneasy too, but I don’t think they’re even open to the public any longer?

  8. I visited the castle in August 2007. It felt sad and heavy to me….I picked up a lot of different feelings/vibes…..mostly heaviness. It was quite noticeable for me when I was on the floor where Joan Dunsmuir’s room is located – I felt a strong cold presence almost pushing me away….what was really weird was that it felt like a person who came up to about my shoulders ….was standing in front of me…pushing me away….it felt like a female energy. Definitely didn’t feel welcoming.

  9. I took photograph of a room and in the photo a top the big bay windows, above the long curtains, were five orbs in a row. One after the other. Then in another photograph I snapped of a painting located across from a staircase, I noticed reflecting from the picture, a maid lady walking down the stairs and starring right at the photograph on the wall across from her. Of course no living human was on the staircase.

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