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We hope you all had great Christmases and were able to get a paranormal fix in your stocking,  if not check out the merch on our site.  That being said the site has been a little quiet in 2014 but we are looking forward to a great 2015 and hope to have more stories, locations and happenings to report on.  We do need your help too so feel free to contact us if something goes bump in the night.

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Heritage Haunted House

We are a family that’s always had a huge love of anything Halloween! We have been hosting a yearly haunt since 2004. In 2010 we decided to combine our efforts with local charities in the hopes of offering screams and thrills while also raising funds and awareness for local issues that many of our friends and neighbours may be struggling with. This year we are extremely proud to be supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters of Victoria and Area, a local charity that fills such a huge demand for those who need it the most… children!

Where: Heritage Haunted House
#3808 Heritage Lane, Victoria, British Columbia, V8Z 7A7

Facebook Event Page can be found here

Heritage Haunted House


The lure of ghost tourism: Growing number of Canadians drawn to haunted hotels and eerie graveyard tours

Excerpt from a National Post article featuring local historian John Adams

On the other side of the country, tourism promoters in Victoria, B.C., have picked this Halloween to brand itself hard as British Columbia’s “most haunted city.”

“A number of years ago, people did not like to talk about this sort of thing,” said John Adams, founder of Victoria’s Ghostly Walks walking tours.

He added, “this year alone, I’ve noticed a huge increase in Victoria of places that are quite willing to admit they’re haunted, but also to promote the fact.”

He first stumbled upon the lure of ghost tourism while working with the Old Cemeteries Society, a local group founded to curb vandalism in the city’s famed Ross Bay Cemetery by leading weekly history tours.

One year, on a lark, Mr. Adams invited an author to drop by the historic burial ground to host a ghost tour.

“We’d been getting an average of 15 to 20 people on our history tours,” he said. “Suddenly, there were 75 people there … in the pouring rain.”

John McKay / Postmedia News file

John McKay / Postmedia News fileRoss Bay Cemetery in Victoria, B.C.

Mr. Adams is in good company. Ghost tours — often performed by guides in spooky period dress — are now a feature of virtually every major Canadian city, from Quebec City to Calgary to Saskatoon.

Pat Hancock, author of the Haunted Canada children’s book series, said these ghost tours can lean on a pretty rich library of existing ghost stories.

“What I do believe has changed is that other people have decided there’s money to be made; there’s gold in the hills,” said the author who — notably — does not believe in ghosts.

Across Canada, as businesses find themselves swarmed by nightly crowds of ghost tours, they are quickly motivated to start playing up their paranormal side.

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